Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing the race card

We went to Walmart to pick up a  few things.  We wanted sodas so we checked there to see if they had a specific kind I'm looking for.  Plus we got some tshirts for me to wear while running since I only have long sleeve shirts from when we started running in the winter.  So I go to the self check out line and I get behind this woman who is almost finished.  She finishes up and before I have a chance to pull the stuff out of my cart a woman jumps in front of me and starts to check herself out.  I say "Um, excuse me?" and she rudely lets me know that she was already in line at different self check out and it wasn't working so she was technically ahead of me.  I was a bit dumb founded at the fact that this woman assumed she could away with that kind of behavior.  What made me more mad was the fact that I didn't stick up for myself further since I was afraid of being labeled a racist.  If I, a white person, starts to say something negative to a minority, I am automatically racist!  It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm right and she's wrong.  Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she was being a capital B witch.  Nope, that has nothing to do with it at all!
It makes me so mad that we are so afraid of being labeled things like "racist" that we allow people to get away with whatever they want!  It's gotten pretty outrageous these days.
I could say more on the topic, but I'm sure I'm already a big fat white supremacist in the mind of some since I am not going to allow that to happen again!


  1. I HATE that. I totally get what you're saying.

  2. I gotta say, i've had my moments with the "race" card, but next time, for your peace of mind, maybe do try asking her to wait her turn or go to another register? If she calls you a racist, she's obviously not educated enough to know what the word actually means, and anybody around you could probably see that. But I know that living in the south is not always the easiest.

  3. I hear you! Our generation was beaten into PC Submission and it has stunted our ability to confront people. It frustrates me to no end.