Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards

Finding the perfect cards to use for the holidays is always hard.  I have to find one that is cute, holiday neutral (thank you multi-belief family!), but not offensive.  They also have to be cute otherwise, what's the point?  I used to go to Walmart and get them because they were cheap and they worked.  But I recently decided I want better.  I also wanted to include pictures in my cards.  Instead of having dozens of copies made, I decided to get photo holiday cards.  Of course I went with the leader in photo products, Shutterfly. They have wonderful Christmas cards, Hannukkah cards, and many of the cards have matching address labels!  How awesome is that?!  My favorites are the cards with snowflakes, winter animals, and snowmen!  There are so many cards to choose from, I want to buy one of every single style.  Luckily they are having a promotion of 20% off right now so I can get as many cards as I need without having to worry about cost!