Saturday, April 10, 2010

Car Trouble

Sometimes I feel as if there's something wrong with me.  I was riding with my mom to drop off some items at goodwill.  Turns out the store had moved and there was a sign telling where the new one is.  My mom pulled into the tiny parking lot and we looked at the sign.  She went to pull back onto the road and I freaked out.  For some reason I just got really scared we were going to get into an accident.  I started crying, and hyper ventilating, and all that.  After the accident last October I haven't been able to handle myself as a passenger in a car.  Most of the time I can keep my fears and freak outs to myself, but this time, not so much.  I felt bad for my mom.  I didn't want to make her feel like her driving was bad.  I just freak out about everyone else around me that I don't know and can't control.
I talked with my mom about it after I had calmed down and she understood and wasn't upset or anything.  She told me that she still has trouble driving next to tractor trailer trucks from her accident with one 30something years ago.  That made me feel a bit better, but scared at the same time.  It validated my fears but also didn't  give me much confidence that I'll ever get over them.

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