Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crotchety People

At work I drive the kids to and from school in the mini-bus.  I have to make a left at this intersection near the elementary school that truly needs a stoplight.  Sometimes I'll spend ten minutes or more trying to make the turn.  The other day I was sitting and waiting.  I saw a spot open for me to get half way across and one or two cars would pass so I could complete the left.  I went halfway across to be greeted by a crotchety old man slamming on his breaks almost causing an accident just so he could honk his horn and give me a dirty look.  I was shocked at his reaction.  Yes, there is a bus coming, seemingly, into the lane you are driving in.  However, does it require you to cause an accident to prove that you are in the right?
 What does someone gain by being so rude?

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