Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can a girl get a break?

It seems like everything just keeps piling on.  I want a break.  I was in a car accident that wasn't my fault (I was stopped at a yield sign because traffic was coming and the guy behind me kept going, rather quickly might I add).  I got hurt sort of bad, but not so bad that I had to go to the emergency room.  I still have knee pain from the accident and I can't bend it very much.  The accident totaled my car.  Now I have no car.  My dad so graciously told me that, since my mom wants a new car, I can go ahead and have her car.  Don't get me wrong, a free car is great.  But it was presented as if the only reason I'm getting it is because my mom wants a new car.  Like my parents wouldn't even offer to help if she didn't want a new car.  They could buy the whole family new cars and not even sweat it.  Seriously!  Ugh.  So now we are paying for a rental car for a month until we go to Pennsylvania to get my mom's car.  We are driving up in Stewart's car and then we have to drive back in two cars.  That sucks!  Driving like 10 hours alone but not really.  Yuck.  Tried to see if we could drive the rental up but Enterprise said they could do drop offs in another state.  Why not?  There are Enterprises all over the country.  Why can't I just drop the car off at one of the gazillion other stores?!
On top of all this, the house is a damn disaster.  I have panic attacks just looking at it all.  I shut down and am unable to help clean up.  How sad is that?  Ugh!
Can a girl get a break?  Please!

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