Saturday, September 5, 2009


Stewart's parents arrived last night.  We've spent the last week and a half building, cleaning, organizing, throwing away, and goodwilling.  The house looks the best it ever has since we've moved in.  There are still boxes in the office, living room, closet, and the room I won't go into.  It will all get unpacked eventually.  We've said we need to maintain what's been cleaned and just make it better as we unpack and put things away.  I just hope we can stick to our promise to each other.
We're going to the close flea market/farmer's market for the first time today.  I'm excited!  I want to buy some vegetables for tonight since we are cooking out.  Plus if the fruit looks good I'll buy some for me to have along with the "personal watermelon" I bought.  I hope there's a bakery there with good rolls, scones or bagels.  I've wanted some sweet bread lately and nothing at the store has been what I've been looking for.

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